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AaraGO offers a Battery as a Service, exclusively tailored for B2B clients in Nigeria. Transfer your fleet to Electric Motorbikes today! 

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Seize the opportunity to lead the way in sustainable transportation

AaraGO invites you to join the league of pioneering companies in Nigeria to integrate electric scooters into your fleet. Join us in shaping the future of eco-friendly mobility for your business.

No range anxiety

Experience the convenience of AaraGO's extensive swapping station network strategically positioned at prominent filling stations along major roads across the Island and the Mainland. Our dense network ensures easy access to battery swapping, making your electric scooter journey seamless and stress-free

Cost Savings and Silent Operations

Unlock the financial advantages of our e-mobility solution, offering substantially lower ownership costs compared to traditional ICE bikes. Immerse yourself in the tranquil efficiency of electric vehicles while enjoying significant savings with AaraGO.

Sustainability Focus

Partner with AaraGO and demonstrate your unwavering commitment to sustainability. We're more than just a provider; we're a pivotal force actively contributing to positive environmental change through exclusive partnerships, sponsorships, and collaborations. Together, let's make a lasting impact.

Re-charge in seconds

Recharge your electric scooters in seconds with AaraGO's revolutionary swappable battery system.
Say goodbye to waiting for charging – AaraGO charges while you ride, ensuring you never experience downtime and always stay on the move.

Re-charge in seconds.

Recharge your electric scooters in seconds with AaraGO's revolutionary swappable battery system.
Say goodbye to waiting for charging – AaraGO charges while you ride, ensuring you never experience downtime and always stay on the move.

Technology stack

AaraGO's system is based on three major components. 

Electric Scooter

Modern scooter - designed for last mile delivery

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with AaraGO's electric scooter boasting an impressive 150KM range and a robust 50KG load capacity. Tailored for last-mile delivery, our scooter redefines convenience and reliability in urban mobility.

Battery Swap Station

Swap station for quick recharge of your electric scooter

With 10 strategically located stations across Lagos, you're guaranteed to find a fully charged battery whenever you need it, enhancing your convenience and eliminating any charging worries. 

Lithium Ion Battery

State of the art Lithium Ion batteries for long range. 

Experience hassle-free mobility with AaraGO's electric scooter featuring lightweight 1.7kWh batteries that are easy to carry and swap. Rest easy knowing that the batteries, owned and maintained by AaraGO, ensure a reliable and carefree riding experience

Station locations

AaraGO secured 10 strategic location at filling stations across Lagos. 

Battery as a Services

The key benefits for using electric mobility with battery as a service.

Affordable scooters

Unlock affordability with AaraGO's innovative approach. By providing the most expensive part of an electric scooter, the battery, as a service, not only do we make the scooter affordable upfront, but we also ensure that its residual value stays higher, offering long-term value for your investment.

Cheaper than petrol

Now, as fuel prices escalate, AaraGO's monthly battery plans not only outshine petrol costs but also deliver a remarkable 16% savings compared to traditional bikes with similar specifications. Embrace a more economical future. 

Low maintenance cost

Experience minimal maintenance with electric vehicles from AaraGO. Say goodbye to oil services, carburetor issues, and high brake pad consumption, thanks to regenerative braking. Enjoy a hassle-free and cost-efficient journey with our low-maintenance electric vehicles.

Tax incentives

Seize the opportunity! The Nigerian government is offering courier companies a generous three-year tax holiday for operating electric vehicles. Benefit from this exclusive incentive and align your business with sustainable and eco-friendly practices by choosing AaraGO's electric fleet solutions

No waiting time or scarcity

At AaraGO, spare batteries are continuously charged, ensuring a readily available power source for our riders. Say goodbye to shortages – with AaraGO, you can always count on having a charged battery ready to power your journey, providing uninterrupted and reliable service

Smart reporting

Elevate your fleet management with AaraGO's cutting-edge reporting capabilities. Gain comprehensive insights into your operations and empower decision-making with data-driven precision. Make informed choices for a more efficient and optimized fleet experience.


🔁 Unlimited Swaps: Swap hassle-free and enjoy the flexibility of unlimited swaps, ensuring your journey is always powered.

🌐 Full Swap Station Access: Explore our extensive network of swap stations at prominent locations across Lagos for convenient and seamless service.

🌍 1000 KM/Month Included: Benefit from a generous 1000 KM per month, offering you substantial coverage for your daily travels.

💰 Cost-Effective Extra KM: Every additional kilometer beyond the included limit is charged at an unbeatable rate of Naira 30, ensuring affordability as you extend your adventure.

Naira 60,000

*Exclusive price during Pilot phase


Unlock Limitless Possibilities with AaraGO's Unlimited Plan – Tailored for Full-Time Delivery Excellence!

🔁 Unlimited Swaps: Swap without constraints, ensuring your delivery operations run seamlessly with unlimited access to our battery swapping service.

🌐 Full Swap Station Network Access: Navigate your deliveries effortlessly with full access to our strategically located swap stations across Lagos.

🚚 Unlimited KM/Month: Drive as much as your business demands with unrestricted kilometers, empowering your full-time delivery company to reach new heights.

Choose AaraGO's Unlimited Plan – Where Limitless Swaps, Extensive Network Access, and Unrestricted Monthly Kilometers redefine the standards for full-time delivery excellence!

Naira 99,999

*Exclusive price during Pilot phase

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Test the waters, embrace sustainability, and decide at the end of the trial whether you want to keep the bike and continue enjoying seamless and eco-friendly mobility with AaraGO.

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