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The battery swapping station is a cabinet which allows users to quickly and easily exchange a used battery for a fully charged one. This device is designed for electric motorcycle owners, who can use it to replace their bike’s power supply without having to wait for the battery to charge. 

The swapping station improves the charging speed and safety for electric motorcycles, making them a viable choice for people who use electric vehicles to do delivery work or commute. The technology meets the needs of users who need to charge their batteries multiple times per day – something that is particularly important to delivery staff and couriers.

The process is very simple and very quick. Our swap stations are easy to operate and the user can be identified by the battery itself, an app or a card. Once identified, the swap station opens a space for the empty battery to be placed into. A full battery is then presented and taken away by the user. A swap should not take longer than 2-3 minutes.

It’s very affordable. We have a simple subscription model. You pay a fixed fee per month, depending on how many miles you drive and then you can swap as many times as you want. Simples.

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