19 Jun, 23

We are thrilled to witness a groundbreaking development in the transportation sector of Lagos as Oando Clean Energy Limited (OCEL) and the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA) join forces to introduce electric mass transit buses to the city. This collaboration marks a significant step towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future for Lagos and sets the stage for a revolution in public transportation. As a leading provider of electric mobility solutions, AaraGO is excited to welcome this transformation and play a pivotal role in this historic transition.

The Vision of Sustainability

The initiation of electric buses in Lagos aligns with a global shift towards a low-carbon future. The collective responsibility to minimize the impact of climate change has prompted Oando and LAMATA to embark on this journey of sustainability. By introducing electric buses, the partners aim to reduce emissions, mitigate the effects of rising sea levels, and contribute to a cleaner and greener environment for generations to come.

Proof of Concept

The project’s test stage involves two electric buses with a 46-seater capacity, manufactured by renowned Chinese firm Yutong. These buses have an impressive range of up to 280 kilometers on a full battery charge, equivalent to a round trip from Ajah to Ibadan. The advanced battery technology ensures that even when idle for 11 hours, the buses discharge a mere 12 percent of their battery capacity, making them highly reliable and capable of operating for extended periods without recharging.

Data Gathering for Future Deployments

The introduction of these electric buses serves as an opportunity to gather valuable data for future deployments of electric buses in Nigeria’s mass transit systems. Oando Clean Energy Limited, in collaboration with LAMATA, aims to assess the viability and sustainability of the project, laying the foundation for further expansion and integration of electric buses into the public transport fleet.

Government Support and Collaboration

The Lagos state government, led by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has demonstrated its commitment to environmental concerns and the reduction of emissions in the transport sector. With the implementation of a comprehensive climate action plan, Lagos strives to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. The government’s support and partnership with Oando Clean Energy Limited and LAMATA showcase its dedication to building a sustainable, low-carbon economy for Lagos residents.

AaraGO’s Role in the Transition

As a leading player in the electric mobility industry, AaraGO recognizes the significance of this milestone in Lagos. We are dedicated to supporting the successful deployment of electric buses and expanding the electric mobility ecosystem in the city. Our expertise in electric motorbikes and battery-swapping technology positions us to contribute to the infrastructure development and offer innovative solutions that complement the electric bus initiative.

Looking Ahead

The launch of the electric buses in Lagos sets the stage for a transformative shift in public transportation. It lays a solid foundation for a cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable future. AaraGO is committed to working alongside Oando Clean Energy Limited, LAMATA, and other stakeholders to ensure the success of this venture and help shape the future of urban mobility in Lagos.

Join us in welcoming the arrival of electric buses to Lagos as we embark on a journey towards a greener, more sustainable transportation landscape. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and improve the quality of life for all Lagosians.

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